Growth Group Weekly Questions

       Going Deeper–For Growth Groups:


  1. Rather than reveal anything new, Peter points over and over again to the past. Why? And why do many present “Last Days” preachers do the opposite? Where does the desire to be “original” here come from?


  1. Peter agrees with Jude in condemning false teachers as evil and deserving judgment. Why do many in our day reject that kind of thinking? What draws some to become false teachers? And followers?

Growth Groups Questions

       Going Deeper–For Growth Groups:  


  1. Why does Jude spend so much time comparing the false teachers to characters of the past?

Why do they pose such a threat?


  1. How do we keep ourselves in God’s love? How do we build ourselves up in the faith?

Why such an emphasis upon God’s mercy?

Growth Groups Going Deeper Questions


Growth Group Questions Week 1

Going Deeper–For Growth Groups:                                               


  1. List some things we must consider in balancing the command to work with the command to help the poor? Why is this balance tricky?


  1. Why are the unruly dangerous to an assembly? List some things we must consider when are told to avoid the unruly. And when we hold them accountable. How can we do such things without “judging”?