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Bob Kinzel

On Forgiving

Forgiveness is rare because it is difficult, and difficult because it seems to mock justice.

“I’ll never forgive,” we hear, “because the hurt is too deep. He owes so much that he could never repay me or make it right.” Justice tells us that our rights have been violated,


Better days are coming!

A small flock of Canadian geese have chosen to make their home near ours. They often appear on the river bank, and this morning I was greeted by two proud parents and three small goslings swimming in their wake.


The Wise, Foolish King

It’s alarming to read that in the latter years of his life, Solomon was drawn away to worship other gods (1 Kings 11:1-8). The text tells us that his love for many foreign women motivated him to build temples to their gods and even participate in their worship.


Does God ever change His mind?

Those of us who believe that God is immutable (unchangeable) and sovereign are sometimes called upon to answer that very question. It comes up in 1 Samuel 15:10, after Saul has once again gone off the rails and blatantly disobeyed a direct command from the Lord. “The word of the Lord came to Samuel,


David and Abigail: Lessons Learned

The book of First Samuel details King David’s rise to power. There are many incidents and actions which demonstrate his character, and fitness to be the king. There are many ups and downs, notably his confrontation with Goliath, and of course, his continual flight from the ever-pursuing, insanely jealous, King Saul.


Blue Box Birthday!

Well, it’s been a year now. Hard to believe it.

The Blue Box began as an attempt to bridge the gaps between us and among us that were brought about through the threat of a virus. We no longer were allowed to meet as a church in person, and so we did what we could and met online. It was one of many communication tools.


Stockholm Syndrome

On August 23, 1973, Jan-Erik Olsson attempted to rob one of the largest banks in Stockholm, Sweden. He botched the job and could not escape. Instead, he took four hostages and, with a companion, held them for a week in the bank’s vault.



One of my favorite stores was the main street hardware in my parent’s home town. I used to think up reasons to go there.

When you walked in, the same friendly face greeted you, that of a man, then in his eighties. Best I could tell, he must have had a photographic memory, or something close.



I can hardly wait.

Tomorrow is the day I go back to the gym, and begin again on that healthy diet.

Tomorrow I will sit down and write that thank-you note, right after I clear off my desk.


Culture Canceled

The Bible makes it clear, especially in the Prophets, that no nation can stand which is not based upon truth. What we are witnessing in our culture is a public, wholesale abandonment of truth, and not just God’s Word, but even common sense, simple observation, and scientific objectivity.