“A Time to Laugh”

Let’s face it, things are pretty intense these days, and for good reason. But that means it’s time to remember Solomon’s words (Ecclesiastes 3) that. . .

There is a time for everything. . .
A time to weep and a time to laugh.


So today we turn from sorrow and seriousness to levity and laughter. And while disease and economic uncertainty abound, so also do smiles and chuckles. Sometimes we take ourselves a little too seriously, and the joke is on us. We can laugh at ourselves, not just cat videos.

For example, do you realize that with the coming of the lock downs, we have lost the classic excuses, “I don’t have time,” or, “I won’t be home,” or “I’m too tired”? I may actually have to clean out the garage.

And imagine the confusion of the millions of students now being taught at home by their parents. For many, no doubt, the classroom is looking really good and their teachers really smart.

Then there are the introverts who are snickering at the extroverts who are going crazy from spending time alone. I’ll bet it’s getting hard for them to contain their secret glee.

And isn’t it really nice to hear a politician or an economist say, “I just don’t know.” When was the last time that happened?

Finally, do you realize that it is now normal behavior to approach a bank teller with a mask on? Think about it. Ever think you’d be the one behind the mask?

A cheerful heart not only is good medicine, but “has a continual feast.” Proverbs 15:15; 17:22. Let’s take our medicine and feast sumptuously.


“Father, the security you give us through the promises you’ve made us
allows us to rejoice whatever the circumstances.
In that joy, help us daily to be able
to find the humor and even laughter in stressful times. Amen.”

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