Are you your Partner’s best cheerleader?

Are you your Partner’s best cheerleader?

School has started and hopefully the kids are back in person and able to participate in activities with their friends. Having observed most of the different sports training programs,

I would have to say that cheerleading is one of the most difficult and challenging sports that children are involved in.

Not only do they have to be gymnasts, but they have to be able to memorize numerous cheers and formations. They always have to be exuberant and cheerful. Plus, they have to be aware of where they are in the formation and where they have to be next.

Fortunately, as marriage partners we don’t have to be quite so energetic. But we should strive to be cheerful and aware of what is going on in our marriage. We should strive to be there when our spouse needs us. And we should be our spouses’ most enthusiastic cheerleader.

When you are at home and your spouse gets back from a trip (whether it took 10 minutes or 10 days) are you the first one to greet them? Let them know that you are glad that they are home and with you once again. If you have a dog or small children you might have to make them wait while you get the first kiss and hug.

How often do you thank your spouse for helping you do something on your “to do” list? Do you thank them for just doing the normal expected things (think chores)? Saying thank you is always a great way of encouraging someone else. And in fostering a sense of gratitude in your own heart.

Do you praise your spouse when they accomplish a hard project or put in extra effort? Do you let them know that you are proud of them and their efforts? Noticing these things and expressing your admiration and appreciation are important ways of cheering for your spouse.

Do you notice when your spouse has a new outfit/clothes or gets a haircut/hairdo? If so, do you tell them how attractive they are and how proud you are that they are your spouse? In fact, don’t wait for them to get a new outfit, go tell them how delighted you still are that they chose you to be their lifelong companion and friend!

Give your spouse love notes. Take a minute, at least once a week, to write a short note telling your spouse how wonderful they are or how happy you are to be with them. And then leave it in an unexpected place where they will find it and feel loved all over again. (Put it on the mirror, their pillow, dresser, chair, breakfast, lunch or dinner plates, etc.)

How often do you spontaneously say “I love you”? There are seldom any bad times to look at them and say “ I love you” with enthusiasm or joy or cheer. These three little words are so powerful that they not only encourage your spouse, but they also encourage you and bring some joy to you as well. So, don’t skimp on using them.

So, go find your spouse and give them a hug and tell them how wonderful they are and how proud you are to be married to them.

Mark & Jan

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