3 Points of Conflict in Marriage

By Dr. James Dobson
3 Points of Conflict in Marriage

If I had one evening I could spend with any person, no one in the world would outrank my wife. We have grown in mutual understanding so that it is rarely necessary to quarrel and argue. Nevertheless, Read more…


We aren’t talking about homeland security. But we are borrowing this phrase to teach
you to heighten your awareness and increase your capacity to notice more positive
moments with your partner.
How often do you find yourself blurting out empty comments to your spouse? “You
always make us late!” or “Why did you do it that way?” Scientists believe our brains are
like velcro for negative experiences and teflon for positive ones. Many of us tend to
blurt out criticism freely when it comes to our loved ones. Read more…

What Makes a Great Partnership?

By: Steve Graves

Partnerships. Some folks love them. Others hate them. I like them and think they can be one of the smartest structures for any leader with an eye on the end game and a holistic model of life and work.

How can I get more love in my marriage?

We all want to be loved, which is why most of us decided to get married to our best friend. We felt that we already had a good start at loving and being loved by them.

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Are your current habits helping or hindering your marriage?

Are your current habits helping or hindering your marriage?


A habit is something that we do, usually without thinking about it that requires minimal effort but achieves a goal. Like our morning routine which allows us to get ready for the day while still half asleep.

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Enjoy the Time

Hopefully, you had some time to rest during the last two weeks and to enjoy time with family and friends. Did you also take some time to reflect on what you did well as a couple and what you would like to do better as a couple? Did you notice where you spent most of your time (outside of work)? Was that time beneficial to your marriage, your family and your relationship with God? Or was it spent doing separate activities or non-interactive things like watching movies, TV shows or trolling the internet for amusing stories and videos?

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While most of us view a conflict as a negative event in which at least one person in the marriage is emotionally hurt. We would like to propose that each conflict can be an opportunity to grow closer together and strengthen the foundation of your marriage. Remember, you are a team and unless you both feel that you have “won” the team hasn’t won. So how can you maximize your chances of winning as a team?