Culture Canceled

The Bible makes it clear, especially in the Prophets, that no nation can stand which is not based upon truth. What we are witnessing in our culture is a public, wholesale abandonment of truth, and not just God’s Word, but even common sense, simple observation, and scientific objectivity.

I won’t recount here the long list of things that are now “racist,” for I’m sure you’ve seen them, as well as all of the things which all of a sudden are “offensive,” even children’s books and toys.

If you find yourself recoiling to such things, and I hope you do, ask yourself why. It is not because you are white or American or Christian. It is because you are human, made in God’s image, and God loves and honors truth.

So when the media lies, and the government lies, and the culture lies, we should recoil and answer lovingly with common sense and wisdom.

You may identify as anything you like, but I don’t have to use your designer pronouns. You may decide on a third or twelfth gender, but you will never change your chromosomal reality. You may assume that all people of one color hate and oppress all those of another color, but I do not have to own your delusion.

Jesus calls us to be “wise and serpents, gentle as doves,” and this is a wonderful time in history to practice that art. Wisdom calls upon us to be as gentle and non-offensive as we can, but also demands that we be reasonable. Check out James chapter three for a primer on how all of this works, and where today’s “wisdom” originates.

Whatever we do, let’s not allow the culture to cancel us. If someone wants to know why you think and say what you do, tell them simply, “It’s because I’m human.”

“Answer a fool
according to his folly,
lest he be wise in his own eyes.”
Proverbs 26:5

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