Does Godzilla Have an Agenda?

I love Godzilla movies.   Ever since I was a kid I have enjoyed them.   What? You don’t agree?   What’s not to like about a guy in a rubber suit stomping around a movie set, crushing buildings and battling with other guys in rubber suits portraying monsters?   But now….with the special effects of today, I can go to the movies and watch a Godzilla film that is spectacular! The voices of the actors even synch with the moving of their lips!   This past weekend I went to see the latest Godzilla movie (“Godzilla: King of The Monsters”). Did Godzilla have an agenda? Yes! It is the same one he always has. Stomp! Crush! Burn! Make the military look feeble! Show-off his radioactive breath…and come back to life again and again, just when you think he is dead.   But that is not what I was referencing when I named this blog, “Does Godzilla Have an Agenda?”   No, I named it that because of one scene in the movie. It was when Godzilla’s main adversary, King Ghidhora was pictured in the background high atop a mountain and a wooden cross was pictured down below. When I saw it, I almost laughed because it was so obvious what the film-makers were communicating. I could almost hear them saying, “Here is the true king, who rules over even Jesus”. At that time I didn’t really think it was part of the film-maker’s agenda until I noticed them showing that picture over and over in the movie. Hmmm. Now I had to wonder.   There were other agendas in the movie as well. A common one in such films is the recklessness of mankind. If you have seen a few Godzilla films, then you know that Godzilla came into existence because of mankind’s careless use of radioactive weaponry, and now, we are stuck with this gigantic, undefeatable monster who is going to forever teach us a lesson. But this most recent movie had a new spin in the monster’s purpose. Godzilla (and for that matter, the other monsters featured in the film) were going to be the savior of the world! Yes, by going around and destroying all the earth, they would leave a radioactive trail that would bring forth new life, thus saving mankind from the decaying world.     Wow! And I thought I was just going to see a Godzilla movie!   Now, I am not willing to say that the makers of the Godzilla movie were trying to one-up Jesus, but it is no secret that Hollywood does have an agenda which is often anti-Christian. We are often portrayed as simplistic, rigid, intolerant, prudish and ignorant regarding the real issues of the world. Those who have been portrayed as Christian in major motion pictures are almost laughable as they come across with a cotton-candy sweetness that makes the other characters in the film treat them with scorn. So we really shouldn’t be surprised when King Ghidora, in all of his dominance, is shown to overshadow the cross of Christ. Why? Because Hollywood wants to show us that many things trump God, like sexual freedom, individual rights, political agendas, vengeance, and gluttony (in many forms).   So what should our response be to such direct and indirect ridicule?   First, we should try to help people understand what we believe and why we behave in the ways that we do. Will this bring more ridicule? It might. But it could also become the turning point for someone to consider who Jesus is.   Second, we should remain calm. Our Lord told us that we would be persecuted just as He was, so let’s not be incensed when we are made fun of or put in a bad light. Third, we should rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to help us stand up under ridicule and remember the Apostle Peter’s call to all believers:   12 “Conduct yourselves with such honor among the Gentiles that, though they slander you as evildoers, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day He visits us.” 1 Peter 2:11   I left the theatre happy to have seen a good Godzilla move. That is what I paid for and that is what I got. I know Hollywood tried to give me a little more of their agenda to think about, but that is okay, I got a blog out of it that I hope will bring glory to God. 😊   For Him,   Rob

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