Enjoy the Time

Hopefully, you had some time to rest during the last two weeks and to enjoy time with family and friends. Did you also take some time to reflect on what you did well as a couple and what you would like to do better as a couple? Did you notice where you spent most of your time (outside of work)? Was that time beneficial to your marriage, your family and your relationship with God? Or was it spent doing separate activities or non-interactive things like watching movies, TV shows or trolling the internet for amusing stories and videos?

We would suggest going over your 2015 calendar and listing all of your daily, weekly and monthly activities (including TV time). Estimate how much time each activity takes (including preparation and travel time). Then you can evaluate the activities and decide if they strengthen your relationship with God, with your spouse and with your family.

The closer you are to God, who is the source of love, the closer you can get to your spouse. So are you spending time praying (talking) to Him? Are you doing the things He has equipped you to do (serving Him and others)? Are you praising and thanking Him for what He is doing in your life?

Is the time you are spending with your spouse drawing you closer together? Are you having fun together and encouraging each other? Are you helping each other to be the best person they can be?

Is your family time spent having fun together and helping each other or is it separating you with involvement in too many activities? How can you spend more time encouraging and building each other up?

After you have answered all of those questions, decide if there are any activities that should be stopped so that you have more time to devote to activities that help strengthen your marriage and your family.

Well this was convicting! Now Jan and I have to devote some time this week doing this as well. Then we will have to negotiate over the results. I guess that will be the subject of the next blog J.

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