God’s Playful Side

Imagine Someone who imagines imagination. Humans devise machines which have “artificial intelligence,” but no matter how sophisticated they become, their intelligence always will be artificial and soulless.

Consider the drones that spy and the strange dog-like robots that not long ago were winning high school science fairs. They soon may be patrolling parks and already are delivering packages. You catch a glimpse of man’s potential in Genesis 11:6, where the Lord says of humans, “Nothing they propose to do will be impossible for them.” Our limitation is only in the imagining. What is it that we can “propose”?

We have learned to map genomes and we genetically alter both plants and animals, everything from corn to cattle. Still, there is no creation, just reassembly, for can we even imagine something more efficient than a cell? More fleetingly beautiful than a snowflake crystal? Can we, after a little concentration, come up with another primary color?

This is our wonderfully glorious, holy God being Himself. He created us in His image, and set us as stewards of what He has made. Fair enough. But why the platypus, porcupine, pangolin, and penguin? We would never have imagined them, let alone create them.

His creativity and, dare we say, playfulness, are all around us, and give us insight into His sheer joy and delight in being God. Now, imagine. This is the God who created you, not as a joke, but as a delightfully different expression of Himself. Isaiah 62:5

“Father, the wonders of creation truly show forth your glory. And we are humbled to think that you have, in all of your creativity, made us in your image. Help us worship you with praiseworthy praise! Amen.

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