Growth Group Questions Week 7

1. Paul says that he is anxious to preach the gospel to those in Rome, and then adds that he is not ashamed of the gospel. (Romans 1:15, 16). Why do you think Paul says this? What about the gospel might make someone apologize for it. Or what about the gospel might make it offensive to those in Rome or elsewhere? Why would anyone need to be embarrassed about Jesus?

2. According to Romans 1:16, who does the gospel benefit? What kind of people and what is the only thing necessary to receive help from it? How does this fact show that salvation is totally by grace? And why do so many not want to be saved by grace?

3. What was it about salvation by grace that made The Reformation necessary? Why do you think the official “church” so opposed this reformation?

4. How is the righteousness of God revealed in the gospel? (Extra credit if you know the difference between God’s righteousness and His justice!)

5. Because it is Jesus alone who pays for mankinds’ sins, it is Jesus alone who can save. Why is it that people suggest that there are many ways to be saved, and many paths to God?

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