Older: Some Genuine Advantages

As you get older you begin receiving a plethora of offers and discount opportunities that serve to remind you of how old you are. In Philly, you can ride SEPTA buses and trolleys for free. In some states, you can hunt and fish for free. Senior discounts abound.

But those aren’t the advantages I mean. I’m talking about things you know just because you’ve been around a while. It is as Solomon says,
“Wise men store up knowledge. . .” Proverbs 10:14
For example, as you get older. . .

You know more ways to do things.
You know what things need to be done now vs. what can be postponed.
You know what things can be postponed vs. what is better left undone.
You know that there are many who can do things better than you can.
You know what those things are and when to hire those people.
You know not to believe things are as bad as they say.
You know not to believe things are as good as they look.
You know better than to believe everything on the news.
You know not to sweat the small stuff.
You know that most everything is small stuff.
You know the difference between napping and laziness.
You know the difference between laziness and leisure.
You know the difference between reading and looking at words.
You know better when to stop talking and just get it done.
You know with whom you can vacation and still remain friends.
You know that having more things does not make you happy.
You know not to go in debt just to have more things.
You know that regretted words greatly outnumber regretted silence.
You know not to phone when you are angry; instead, write an E-mail.
You know not to send the E-mail.
You know that one cookie won’t hurt you.
You know that you can’t eat just one cookie.

Wisdom does not come automatically with age.
But each new day brings more opportunities to be wise.

“The glory of young men is their strength,
gray hair the splendor of the old.”
Proverbs 20:29

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