Reconnecting at a deeper level

Our lives are very busy, in fact I think they are busier now than they have been in the past and they aren’t getting slower any time soon. Because of this, we are finding it difficult to stay connected to our spouse.

Sure, we might be talking with each other several times a day. But, most of our communications are in “dispatcher” mode (what’s the weather today, where are you going to be or what are your activities, can you get something for me on your way to …). We seldom have or take the time to find out how our spouse is doing or feeling.

But, God has made us to yearn for the deeper connections, to care about our spouse (and family) and to be there for them. So, how do we get beyond the dispatcher level of communications to find out how our partner is doing?

Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley had this situation in their marriage and last year they created the Reconnected bible study. Because our lives are so busy, we have converted the seven week study into a Friday night and Saturday seminar. During the seminar we will view and discuss the seven videos that they created.

1. Married Roommates
2. Bids for Connection
3. Life-giving Communications
4. Close Pursuit
5. Closed Hearts
6. Our Wildest Dreams
7. Staying Connected

Friday night will start at 7pm and should be finished by 9pm. Saturday will start at 8:30 and go to 3:30 with an hour for the provided lunch. The cost will be $50 which will cover the food and the Reconnected materials. Attendance is limited to 30 couples and we are inviting couples from our community to join us.
Please contact Mark or Janet Frink to reserve a place at this seminar. (267-595-4651)

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