We may not realize how often God calls on us to remember. But the Bible is full of memorials, festivals, altars, celebrations, and psalms dedicated to jog God’s people’s collective memory about salvation history.

We are to remember the Sabbath, for we need rest.
We are to remember our past slavery, for Sin once held us captive.
We are to remember God’s commandments, for we need guidance.
We are to remember what God did to Pharoah, for God is just.
We are to remember our songs in the night, for we will need them again soon.
We are to remember the five loaves and two fishes, for God delights to provide.
We are to remember Lot’s wife, for we, too, can be allured by the world.

And along with all of the remembering we are called to do, we have many, many assurances that God remember as well.

God remembers Noah, for He preserves those He has saved.
God remembers His covenant promises, for He can not lie.
God remembers His people, for He has redeemed them.
God remembers the barren woman, for only He grants life.
God remembers to punish those who oppose His Word and oppress His people.
God remembers that we are dust.

But thankfully, there is one thing God chooses not to remember, but can “forget” . . .

He remembers not the sins of our youth, and our rebellion, for He is gracious.
He remembers not our transgressions of His law, for He keeps His New Covenant promise of forgiveness.

So, how is your memory?

And are you trusting in God to remember. . . and forget?
“I will forgive their wickedness
and will remember their sins no more.”
Jeremiah 31:34

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