Routine Mantenance

When the ancient garage door opener finally died, I wasn’t all that surprised, and at my first opportunity, bought and installed a replacement. It worked like a dream for months, and I was quite proud of myself (in the good sense, of course).

This past winter it became a little temperamental, and about half the time, the door would not close without my “helping” it with a little pressure. I attributed the problem to the cold weather, since I noticed a distinct creaking sound when it closed. That theory came undone when it finally refused to close one warm spring morning.

I tried resetting the electrical board by unplugging and replugging the cord, adjusted the the door pressure settings, and checked and rechecked the safety beam lights and connections.

Still, before I called customer service, I mentally went through a checklist of all of the things the technician would ask me. (I knew from past, painful experience that those folks have a knack for asking you about the obvious things you haven’t tried.)

Well, there was one more thing. I hadn’t sprayed the track rollers with light oil. Can’t hurt, so I found my trusty WD-40 and went to work. By now you know where this is going, don’t you? After running the door three times, it closed like it was brand new. It still does.

It got me to thinking about how much easier life would be on many levels if we just did the simple things we know to do, but neglect. Like prayer. Like reading the Scriptures. Like returning a phone call. Like pulling weeds, writing that email, or giving a long-overdue compliment. Like saying, “Thank you.” Like sending flowers.

Have any sticking garage doors in your life?

“Father, help us remember love’s small tokens which make a huge difference. And help us remember that our relationships need routine maintenance. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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