Sixty Days Later

When the COVID shutdown began, I was in another country, in fact, another continent. When I returned, it seemed like a different country. That seems like months ago. Wait, it was months ago, and that is remarkable in itself.

Few of us thought we would be isolated this long, or would need to be. But we’ve learned a lot.

First, we’ve learned that we can make wholesale cultural changes in our lifestyle quickly and in a unified way. If you would have told me that there would be a time when our entire nation would in effect, shut down, I would have said you were dreaming. Period.

Second, we’ve learned how wrong we can be. Regardless of how many of us protested, we voluntarily subjected ourselves to many disciplines which, in retrospect, may have done little good. They seemed like sensible things to do, and given the information at hand, our leaders acted in good faith. I have no regrets, and hope you don’t either. But this experience will be partly wasted on us if we don’t admit that.

Third, We’v learned that our economy, relationships, and demands have a lot of “wiggle room.” That is, we have rediscovered the difference between needs and wants, necessities and extras, and perhaps a long-forgotten store of self-discipline. Maybe even how better to use our time.

We have learned what we already knew from previous learnings and relearnings, that God is faithful, and stands with us, whatever emergencies and traumas may be forced upon us. As believers, this is a great time to reflect on Romans 8:28.

And we have learned that for a test to have its God-intended effect, it must be of sufficient length and strength, and be accompanied by persistence. We have not done everything perfectly, but we’ve won some spiritual and moral victories, just like James 1 says we will when we take our trials as from the mighty hand of God Himself.

“Father, while no trial is pleasant in the moment, they help us see life in ways we otherwise would not. Thank you for caring enough to send them, taking us through them, and teaching us from them. Amen.”

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  1. Nancy Rose, Erie, PA says:

    I so appreciated this blog. We so often know in our hearts that God is totally in control but sometimes it takes time for it to go from our hearts to our heads.

    I have truthfully enjoyed the “extra time” each day and have been studying some Old Testament history. I have been so blessed as I reread for the “umteenth” time from Joshua through to 2 Chronicles. God has spoken to my heart in so many ways and I have geen able to share with some of the folks in our Sunday School Class and encourage them. It is really special to be able to pray with a friend on the phone. God has given both Clark and I that opportunity to do that. I am praying for you and for the Blue Church.

    Nancy Rose

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