Surfing Uncertainty

Growing up in landlocked states, I never spent much time on the water.

Had we lived on the coast, though, I might have enjoyed surfing. I always loved sports programs where brave souls did this. . .
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Looks like one of the most fun and/or most terrifying things ever, doesn’t it? I’ll guarantee you that he isn’t afraid. But no doubt when he began, he was.

How do we know? Because people drown in the ocean all the time. Surely he is aware of that fact. But because he understands the nature of the waves, he has overcome his fear and has transitioned to fun and maybe profit. The surf board keeps him above the water, enabling him actually to enjoy the wave. 

This is a good illustration of faith as we face the present waves of uncertainty. We realize that no two waves are alike, that many are dangerous, and that regardless of our surfing skills, each wave brings a unique set of challenges.

But faith also knows that every wave eventually exhausts itself taking us to shore, and the more waves we experience, the better we are at staying in the sweet spot of the next one. The same water that threatens us exhilarates us, and propels us to safety. The more we practice, the easier it is to relax and enjoy the ride, anticipating what God will do as He keeps His promises. The randomness of the wave is experienced in the sovereignty of eternal love.

You have survived many waves! And while this may be a big one, maybe the biggest for a while, you will trust the One who made the seas to get you to shore. Earth’s waters and giant waves are no match for the Lord our God. Psalm 93:3, 4.

Surf’s up!!!


“Jesus, you are known for stilling the storm, and we believe that you can do that. But sometimes you ask us to ride out the wave, and we pray you will will help us do that with grace and faith. Amen.”

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