I can hardly wait.

Tomorrow is the day I go back to the gym, and begin again on that healthy diet.

Tomorrow I will sit down and write that thank-you note, right after I clear off my desk.

And of course, tomorrow is the day I make that difficult call to ask forgiveness, and I will reward myself by starting that book that I have told everyone I’m reading.

It’s going to be quite a day, tomorrow, because that’s when I quit that habit that’s hounded me all these years.

It will be a perfect day for it, and made easier because, well, that’s when I get back to starting the day with prayer, and maybe even a few verses of Scripture.

While I’m at it, tomorrow will be a great day to sort through the closet, and take those clothes I’ve outgrown to the second-hand store.

No wonder I’m so excited!
Tomorrow will be quite a day.
I’ll do better and feel better.

I can hardly wait.

Proverbs 27:1

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