“Too BIG to Fail”

The words would be humorous in another context. We heard them during a financial crisis, to justify the taxpayers bailing out banks. The banks had placed risky bets in hopes of big profits, but now that the investment had gone bad, the government was picking up the tab.

The very idea of a man made thing too big to fail is a strange idea with a questionable view of reality. Ask Nebuchadnezzar or Napoleon, Hitler or Hussein, Babylonian or British Empires. Life in a fallen world is riddled with risk, as it must be. Risk is what makes decisions matter. No skin in the game means nothing is important.

If risk is baked into life, must everything stop until the risk of infection is cut to zero? Are we unwittingly cutting the nerve of faith as well? Of course we must not be foolish. Wear your mask and keep your distance if need be. But remember that laying down our already at-risk life for others is what Jesus did, and calls us to do.

We dare not be cavalier, but we can ill afford to give way to the fears and phobias that surround us. Our parting words are now, “Stay safe!” So where are we safer than in the arms of the only One truly too big to fail? Spend some time with men and women who risked everything to embrace God’s promises. Curl up with Hebrews 11.

“Father, grant us the grace to be giving, the faith to be fearless, and the will to take up our cross daily and follow Jesus. Amen.”

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