What If?

What if I am not reading the right translation of the Bible?


What if I am not understanding key Scriptures correctly?


What if I am not studying the Bible hard enough?


What if I am not sure of God’s will for my life?


What if I am not behaving in the way that God wants me to?


What if I am at the wrong church?


What if I am not actually saved?


What if I should be witnessing to more people?


What if I have not confessed all my sins to the Lord?


What if I have blasphemed the Holy Spirit?


What if I am not growing in the Lord as I should? Is that my fault?


What if I am not praying as often as I should?


What if I am praying incorrectly?


What if God does not like what he sees in my heart?


I have heard believers ask all of these questions. I have asked a few of them myself through the years.


Instead of resting in the Lord and enjoying His peace, some Christians wring their hands. Instead of not being anxious about anything, they are anxious about many things, and many of them have to do with their relationship with God.


Here is what I have observed.


The people who ask these questions are the ones who have a deep, heart-felt desire to follow after Christ. They love Him. They earnestly want to please Him. They earnestly want to serve Him. They strive to obey His commands. They want to reflect Jesus in what they say and do.


Unfortunately, they often feel discouraged in their relationship with the Lord because they feel they are routinely missing the mark.


What do I have to say to such folks today?


You love God. This pleases Him. You serve Him regularly. This pleases Him. You strive to obey His commands. This pleases Him. You often reflect Jesus in what you say and do. This pleases Him. You desire to tell others about Him. This please Him. You want to knowHim more and grow in Him. This pleases Him.


You please Him.


Repeat after me.


“I please Him”.


Now rest in Him. He loves you.



For Jesus,



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