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Bob Kinzel

Blue Box Birthday!

Well, it’s been a year now. Hard to believe it.

The Blue Box began as an attempt to bridge the gaps between us and among us that were brought about through the threat of a virus. We no longer were allowed to meet as a church in person, and so we did what we could and met online. It was one of many communication tools.


Stockholm Syndrome

On August 23, 1973, Jan-Erik Olsson attempted to rob one of the largest banks in Stockholm, Sweden. He botched the job and could not escape. Instead, he took four hostages and, with a companion, held them for a week in the bank’s vault.



One of my favorite stores was the main street hardware in my parent’s home town. I used to think up reasons to go there.

When you walked in, the same friendly face greeted you, that of a man, then in his eighties. Best I could tell, he must have had a photographic memory, or something close.



I can hardly wait.

Tomorrow is the day I go back to the gym, and begin again on that healthy diet.

Tomorrow I will sit down and write that thank-you note, right after I clear off my desk.


Culture Canceled

The Bible makes it clear, especially in the Prophets, that no nation can stand which is not based upon truth. What we are witnessing in our culture is a public, wholesale abandonment of truth, and not just God’s Word, but even common sense, simple observation, and scientific objectivity.


“The just shall live by faith.”

Next to the word “love,” the word “faith” may be the most misunderstood and abused noun in our language. Since the Enlightenment, our age has pitted faith against reason and any pursuit of knowledge. But the Bible views faith far differently.


God’s Tattoo

Among the Bible’s shocking figures of speech is God’s claim (in Isaiah 49:16) to His despairing people that He has “engraved” them on the palm of His hands. Israel had sinned, and felt the stinging rebuke of God’s chastisement. God’s people thought all was lost.


Why Jesus Matters

The religions and cults of the world are very good at telling us what we should do for God. But it is only the gospel of Jesus Christ which displays what God has done for us.


All Hail, King Saul!

Many are confused when Israel is rebuked by Samuel, not to mention the Lord. after asking for a king (1 Samuel 8:7). After all, wasn’t a king predicted by Jacob, who prophesied that the scepter would not depart from Judah (Genesis 49:10),


So far, so good.

No doubt many have sung the second verse of Robert Robinson’s famous hymn, “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” without knowing (or perhaps even caring) what an “ebenezer”